About Us

Our History

On 2017

Starting Dreaming

Start from two co-worker always work together everyday with different skills, we have dream to build our own business. So, we make some plan to make it real.

On 2018

Starting On

We make some plan to create some unique product to make our values greater and develop it.

On 2019

Starting Business

After we got some business idea and start small product development, we successfully founded company like our dream. We are moving faster after got first client. And we also open our first data center on Jakarta to accomodate our client needs.

On 2020

Heavy Year

One of our team must be leaving forever, the rest team have some stuck to continue the business. But, all must go on. So, we try to set new plan to make this business more simple.

On 2021

Rise Up

In this year we have some growing point so fast, have more projects and more client. It's like to have other hope and we try to developing some quality product to serve client better. Expand data center capacity, add more server, open singapore exchange point and add more internet exchange point to make our network easy to access from any provider.

On 2022

Growing Up

This year we expanded our business as much as we could, and upgrading some our infrastructure to serve more client.